Which brand is best for an exhaust fan?

Exhaust fans are electrically operated devices that are a mainstay in the bathroom and kitchens. It is because they pull out humid, contaminated, bad air from a space and lets it outside. You also have exhaust fans that are considered to be an effective cooling solution. But that depends on what you mean when you say cool. Exhaust fans are known to pull humid air within the space and expel it out of the house quickly. Therefore, the temperature within the room would be about 2-3 degrees less than what it is outside. But, if you are considering something that is cool, it cannot be done without a refrigeration system, and exhaust fans do not possess one.

Choosing the exhaust fan

When you are thinking of buying an best exhaust fan in india, you need to consider certain important factors. Only then would you be able to shortlist the brands and check if the type of exhaust fan is available with a particular brand. The factors include

Size– The size of the exhaust fan must be proportional to space from which it is expected to expel the bad air. While standard sized fans that are about 12 inches is good enough for small or medium-sized spaces, a larger one has to be purchased for commercial complexes, factories, etc.

Blade material– You have exhaust fans with metal and plastic blades the blade material is closely related to the durability or longevity of the exhaust fan. Plastic blades are light in weight and easy to maintain, but, they might not score high on durability. Metal blades stand the chance of getting rusted or tarnished. They have to be cleaned regularly to prevent this.

Air delivery– This refers to the volume of stale air that an exhaust fan is capable of expelling. High-speed exhaust fans expel more air. Noiseless medium speed exhaust fans are ideal for residential use.

Energy consumption– High-speed fans usually consume more energy. Use high-speed exhausts for commercial purpose and go with the standard models in the case of residential use to save energy costs.

Sound level-The high-speed exhaust fans would generally produce a loud noise. However, there are brands that have designed exhaust fans using highly advanced and evolved exhaust fans that are half as noisy or noiseless when compared to the exhaust fans of yesteryears.

The brands

Having discussed the factors, you ought to consider let us now check some important brands that have earned repute for delivering quality exhaust fans of different types. They include

  • Luminous Vento Delux 200mm exhaust fan of high-quality plastic
  • Havells ventilair DSP 200 mm fan which is a high performer and made of quality metal
  • Usha crisp air 200mm with 5 blades of plastic and a stylish design
  • Orpat ventilation 6-inch fan with 6 blades and a uniquely robust design
  • Sameer 250mm air exhaust fan that is budget-friendly in terms of cost of the unit and energy consumption.
  • Maa ku Aluminium die-cast exhaust fan with metal blades that do not corrode easily.

Having stated the factors you should consider while choosing an exhaust fan and some of the well-known products and the types of exhaust fan they offer, it is up to you to make the right choice depending on where and for what purpose you are going to use it.