Pie Pan vs. Tart Pan: The Difference

Pie and tart is known to be cousin deserts. They are an all-time favorite deserts for an old to young. Kids love them and they can be easily prepared at home with the help of using the right pans. Before, we learn the difference between a pie pan and tart pan, we must understand how different is a pie from the tart. The difference between them lies in their shape, crust, presentation, and composition. While you bake the pie using a pie pan you will get a flaky and crispy crust and when you bake a tart using a tart pan the crust looks crumbly and firm. Now, with the help of our article, we can potentially distinguish between both similar looking pans and that will help you erase all your confusions while shopping for the pans.

Pie Pan vs. Tart Pan: The Difference

Pie pans are also termed as pie plates, pie dish, or pie tin and are usually round-shaped. They are lightweight and come with shallow buttons with inclined sides. The diameter of the commonly used pie pan is 9 inches which is 1-1/4inches deep. Pie pan comes in all sizes from small-sized up to 4-1/2 inch to big 9-1/2 inch. The rim of the pie pan is either flat or fluted this is necessary to hold the border of the pie. They are made from many materials like tin, aluminum, clay, and steel. Generally, pie pan doesn’t come with removable bottoms like tart pans, they are mostly single-pieced. You must go through the recipe and buy the pan as per requirement. If you are thinking to bake a thicker size pie then we recommend you use a pie pan with depth up to 1-1/2 inch to 2 inches.

The tart pans vary from pie pans by their shape and depth of the sides of the pan. As we have known, these pans come with different shapes like circular, rectangular, square, oval, and oblong. One of the important things to note while picking the tart pan from the market is all tart pans come with removable bottoms so that you can remove the tarts from its pan without breaking the crust. Both tart pan and pie pan look alike although the distinguishing factor lies with their size. The tart pans depth can vary from 3/4  to 2 inches and 4 to 12 inches crosswise. We also recommend you use a half to one-inch flan ring to select a pan with upright sides. However, always remember to coat the pan and ring with butter or oil for an easy release of the dessert.


It is important to pick the right size and right shape while baking pie or tart. Hopefully, our article helps you pick the right thing to make a delicious dessert for your family.