Mopping made easy with spin mops

Innovative products that make housekeeping easy are indeed a boon to homemakers and bachelors who stay away from home for various reasons. Sweeping and mopping are two activities that are to be done regularly by the homemakers or household helpers to keep the house clean and dust and grime-free. The spin mop is one such innovative product that can make the most challenging task of mopping easy and stress-free.

What is a spin mop?

spin mop is innovative household equipment that is used for mopping. A typical ‘spin’ style mop has a microfibre mop head. It also features a

wringer that is operated with a foot pedal. This means that wringing, which is the most difficult part of the mopping process, is managed effortlessly. This also means that the cleaning of floors would be done quickly as well.

Using the spin mop

Spic and span floors is what you would be guaranteed when you use spin mops to clean your floors. Although the design of the mop is somewhat complicated when you compare it with the mops that are used traditionally, it is quite simple to use. The simple steps to use the nop are as follows:

  • Fill some water in the bucket in the spin mop. Add the cleaning solution of your choice to it.
  • Dip the mophead in the water and insert it into the wringer
  • Then you have got to press the foot pedal that would initiate the spinning motion. This would then wring the mop head.
  • You can remove the mophead from the spinner and mop the floor clean.

Benefits of using spin mops

 The benefits of using spin mops instead of traditional mops are

Ease of use- The mop head is light in weight.

  • It is easy to use. You could carry the entire unit around easily because of its light in weight.
  • Versatility and control of wetness– The spin mop made of microfibre can be used to clean all types of floors. Since the wetness of the mop head can be controlled with the help of the wringer, it can be used to clean the wooden floor and laminates as well.
  • Effective in cleaning– The microfiber mop head cleans the floor well.
  • Durability- The microfiber mop head lasts longer than the traditional mops. The wringers are also durable.
  • Saves water– Very little water is necessary to clean a large area using the spin mop when compared to the traditional method in which you have got to use a large amount of water for cleaning.

Use spin mops as it can make the process of mopping simpler than it is when you are using traditional mops. The Spin mops are ideal for use on all types of surfaces be it hard surfaces or wood or laminate surfaces.

You can effectively clean the floors and clean up spills quickly. That is why it is being used extensively even in commercial buildings where the footfall is massive, and there is a need to reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls.