Merino Wool Socks vs Cotton Socks: Which is best?

Unlike the latest trends, socks never change in style. No one puts the effort on socks as they would do for their regular wardrobe. One of the most common mistakes people do is to disregard socks and don’t see it as a part of their outfit.

Choosing the right socks can have a huge impact on your comfort. And the first thing you should pay attention is the fabric. Not many give a thought about the type of fabric the socks made of. The 2 types of popular material are merino wool and cotton. This article will help you to know which material is the best one.

Cotton Socks

Today, almost everything from t-shirts to towels is completely made of cotton. The main reason is that they are cheap. Also, many people prefer it because it is easily available.

If you like your socks to be breathable, then cotton will do the job. They are wonderful for short walks. They are super soft and will not cause itch.

The only disadvantage of cotton socks is that they are not good for sports. Plus they can not keep you warm in winters. The material cotton does not have a good insulating property.

Merino wool socks

This material is highly comfortable and durable. The strength of the fibres in the wool is really good. They also have an elastic property, so it is highly stretchable. The material’s insulating property is extremely good when you compare it cotton.

The only downside is that is a little costly than cotton. It is not the material or the sheep-raising causes such an expense. But the wool from the sheep needs to go under a few steps like collection, processing, and cleaning which adds to the cost. This whole process requires a lot of time.

Which is the best material for socks?

Before you make a decision about the material, first identify for what purpose you need the socks. It is similar to the decision you make on what clothes to wear. The choice of your socks must be dependant on the condition of your weather. If it often gets chilly, it is good to go for merino wool socks. But if you are planning to buy socks for work, then cotton will do the job.

The second thing you must consider is the activities you plan to do while wearing them. For sports and walking, cotton is not a good option. This is because it retains sweat and can cause odour. For situations like these, merino wool socks can help because they wick the sweat away from the skin. This can prevent blisters and rashes.


Socks may seem like no big deal. But they can affect our movements. Putting on a loose pair of socks is as dangerous as wearing a small-sized one. One needs to look for socks to fit their feet. Based on what you do, select the material which suits your feet.