How TO Choose Wooden Pizza Peel

You can’t run a pizzeria if you don’t have a pizza peel. Pizza peels are the essential tool to bake your pizza and deliver it to the guest or customers. We have been to many pizzerias and seen a wooden pizza peel right next to the oven. Its rustic look not only complements the kitchen but it also proves its worth over some metal peel. Wooden pizza peels have been used traditionally for ages as a multipurpose tool to bake pizza, bread, etc. Our weblog essentially supports the use of wooden peel and promises you to explain how you should choose a wooden peel for your pizza baking.

Choose Wooden Pizza Peel:

We all know wood is a great insulator of heat so the wooden peel helps us bake the pizza without the pizza sticking into the surface of the peel and preventing our hands from burning. We have seen many pizzerias and home cooks use a wooden pizza peel for their convenience. When we want to purchase a wooden pizza peel we must note down some points before investing money. The wooden pizza peel must have a long handle to reach all the way into the oven; they should be long enough so that you can have a good grip on the handle while transferring the pizza in and out of the oven. While choosing the quality of wood make sure you look for hardwood like Mahogany or Hickory wood. Rectangular peel is always considered safe and is traditionally used. As it has a larger surface area in touch with the pizza and its grip point, by which the pizza will be lifted, it is milled at the front. While selecting a wooden pizza peel, the size of the peel head should not be smaller than the size of the pizza you wish to bake. Your pizza peel thickness should be at least be 2 inches wide, 5/8” to 3/4” thick. The center piece should be 30” long, outer piece should be 19” long. While selecting a good wooden pizza peel you may find designs in wither round or pentagonal paddles attached to either a long or short handle. Generally, shorthand pizza peels are used to bake pizza at home. The reason why you should prefer a wooden pizza peel over aluminum, because the uncooked dough can be well managed, preventing it to stick to the paddle. They are sturdy so the topping stays in its place. Last not least when we talk about looks, wooden peel does give a complementing look and is also preferred for its traditional history.


We are hoping through our weblog we have given you the best information regarding choosing the wooden pizza peel.