How to choose the right nebulizer for kids?

Just like any other product in the market, there is a wide variety of nebulizers available in the market. The presence of such a large range of nebulizers makes it difficult to buy the right one. The difficulty increases ten folds for the first time buyers. We would suggest our readers do a mini research on nebulizers before making any purchase.

To provide ease to our readers, we have prepared this buying guide. If you read the below information carefully, you will be able to choose the right nebulizer of your choice. Given below are some pointers that are needed to be considered while making a purchase of the nebulizer for babies and kids. Without any further delay, go ahead and read those pointers mindfully.

What are the major types of nebulizer systems?

  1. Handheld nebulizer systems: The handheld nebulizer systems grant more mobility to users during the time of treatment. This is because the system is operated while being held on the hands.
  • The handheld nebulizer system is more compatible with the power sources as compared to the AC cords (such as a battery or 12v DC adaptor).
  • The handheld nebulizers are usually lighter and smaller than the table-top nebulizer system.
  1. Table-top nebulizer systems: The table-top nebulizer systems are specifically designed for indoor usage. They can be easily placed on the still and sturdy surfaces.
  • As compared to the handheld nebulizer systems, the table-top nebulizer system is a lot less expensive. It also has a longer warranty than the handheld nebulizers.
  • The table-top nebulizer systems are considered more suitable for infants or small children who are in need of stationary usage.

Types of nebulizer systems:

  1. Ultrasonic nebulizers:
  • The ultrasonic nebulizers make the use of high-frequency vibrations and turn the medicines into the mists.
  • The ultrasonic nebulizers are silent and have the tendency to deliver the medications very quickly, which is not the case with the jet nebulizers.
  • In the ultrasonic nebulizers, the aerosol particles are usually more uniform and smaller in size.
  • The ultrasonic nebulizer systems are mostly recommended to the patients who are undergoing the treatment of cystic fibrosis.
  1. Piston-pump compressor (aerosol or jet nebulizers):
  • The jet nebulizers tend to deliver air with the help of a compressor, which is powered by the piston. This leads to the formation of a breathable mist.
  • The jet nebulizers are generally a lot less expensive as compared to the ultrasonic nebulizers but are also more effective than them.
  • The jet nebulizers are quite loud and noisy.

What are the other things to consider?

  1. Consider the design: If you are about to purchase the nebulizer for your child, then you should consider the design of the nebulizer. Always make sure you choose playful or color themes for them. This will make your kids like the nebulizer. They will find the simple nebulizers boring.
  2. Consider the compatibility: Whenever you are about to buy the nebulizer for your kid, always check out the compatibility. We are saying this because some brands manufacture nebulizer accessories to be compatible with the same brands. Do not go for such nebulizer brands. Choose the nebulizer that has accessories compatible with every brand.
  3. Consider the brand warranty: Most of the brands offer a good and long warranty to their customers. Always make sure you choose those brands only. A nebulizer is something that is going to stay with you for years and years. Therefore, brand warranty matters too much. Do not go for cheap brands, always choose good quality nebulizers.
  4. Consider the cleaning and storage of the nebulizer: A good nebulizer should be easy to clean. Cleaning is a very important phenomenon when it comes to nebulizers. This is because the nebulizers are associated with the health of the kids. Therefore, always make sure you buy the nebulizers that get cleaned easily. Apart from ease of cleaning, do not forget to consider the storage of the nebulizer. The nebulizer should be easy to store. Also, be mindful of how you store the nebulizer after every use.
  5. Consider the noise level: Always make sure you choose the nebulizer that does not makes a lot of noise. Since the nebulizers are made to offer comfort and convenience to the users, always choose the ones that do not increase headaches by creating noise. You will find so many brands that manufacture low-noise nebulizers.

Bottom line:

We would suggest our readers read the reviews and check out the rating given by the existing users. You can find them on the internet. If you are still confused, then you can ask your doctor. Your doctor will give you the best advice. The brand reputation plays a very crucial role. Therefore, always choose the nebulizer from a reputable brand. This will help you choose the best nebulizer for your baby. We hope our article proves to be helpful for you.