How to choose the best life jacket for kayaking

The personal floatation device or PDF is a life-saving tool on the water. The PFD is an essential tool for any paddler, border, canoer, or kayaker. The US coast guard approves five different types of life jackets for kayaking. This article focuses on the best life jackets that are suitable for kayaking, canoeing, and paddling. If you love kayaking, you may have to wear a life jacket all day long, and comfort and fit are the topmost priority. Therefore, let see some of the types of life jackets that provide great safety when kayaking.

Standard VS inflated PDF

A true standard PDF is an authorized life jacket that is the best for kayaking. It is the most reliable floating device. The inflating PDF is also another type that is suitable for versatile purposes. Therefore, there are two types of life jackets one is standard, and another is inflated.

Pros of standard life jacket

  • The standard PDF is easy to maintain as it can be cleaned and dried easily under the sun.
  • The standard PDF is very versatile as it can be used for several water sports.
  • These life jackets come with pockets to store snacks, sunscreen, and other important accessories.

Pros of inflated PDF

  • The inflated PDF is the most preferred life jacket for kayaking as it provides the utmost comfort. The jacket is designed in a slim and sleek shape that does not obstruct when you paddle.
  • The inflated jacket keeps you cool on a hot summer day. The inflated jacket is more convenient to use than the standard PDF.


  1. Ventilation

If you are a regular paddler or kayaker, then the life jacket with vents will keep you cool. So, it is important to look for inbuilt vents when choosing a life jacket.

  1. The size and fit

The adult’s chest size measures the perfect size for the jacket. It is important to ensure that the PDF is fit and as well as tight. The comfort factor is very important when kayaking, so choose a life jacket that fits you perfectly.

  1. Pockets

The pocket is an essential part of any life jacket. However, you can find pockets in a standard PDF. Therefore, look for a life jacket that contains a pocket to keep emergency items.

According to your kayaking requirement, you can choose between a standard or inflated life jacket. If you are searching for something unique, then there is also a hybrid PDF that may be a suitable jacket for your water sport.