How To Choose A Chicken Egg Incubator?

A Chicken Egg Incubator is a device that maintains the perfect temperature and conditions to help the egg hatch successfully. This incubator regulates the incubation temperature in such a way so that the egg hatches to produce the healthy baby chicks in the right time. With the help of this incubator, you don’t need to look after the eggs when it is about to hatch. Here we are going to see how to choose the right chicken egg incubator.


There are many chicken egg incubators available in the market, which will vary in quality, design, and power conditions. When in your incubator, you need to turn the eggs at least 5 times a day to transfer heat evenly to the eggs.

Manual or Still Air Incubators:

Here the process of turning the eggs needs to be done manually by the user. This type of air incubator is best to use in small poultry farms, and the result of using this incubator proved to be productive. You need to turn the eggs to circulate the heat and temperature evenly on the egg. Here you need to make arrangements for providing even heat supply to eggs. Manual chicken egg incubators are cheap but require your job for proper egg hatching.

Automatic or Forced Air Incubators:

An automatic chicken egg incubator is the next category that reduces your job of turning the eggs. This job is taken care of by the incubator itself. This automatic model comes with a fan that helps to circulate air and heat evenly over the eggs. Because of its automatic turning feature, it is recommended in large poultry farms.


This is an important factor that you need to analyze before buying the egg incubator. If you want an incubator for your personal needs of hatching the eggs, then it is better to go with manual type, as it is cheap. But in case you need to handle the egg hatching for your big poultry farm, it is better to prefer an automatic egg incubator. This automatic incubator is expensive but still worth the money that you spend.


This is another feature that you need to focus on. When you need to buy an incubator, ensure that you buy the right capacity incubator based on the number of eggs you have. For large poultry farms, incubators allowing 2500 or more than those eggs is the right option. The egg incubator is available in small size to a larger one of 2500 eggs capacity.

These were the features that you need to know before buying the best chicken egg incubator.