How long do treadmills last?

When you are looking for exercise equipment that is suitable for most members of your family, the treadmill will surely top the list. It is indeed interesting to walk or jog outdoors in a natural environment. But, treadmills are great for exercising when you cannot go out owing to bad weather, pandemic situation, etc. Treadmills are indeed great equipment to ensure that your exercise schedule is not affected by any weather conditions. It also helps you to exercise while watching your favourite TV shows as well. No doubt, the treadmills are expensive. But, when they are chosen and maintained properly, they can last really long, making it a worthwhile expenditure.

Choosing the right treadmill

 As mentioned earlier, you have to be careful while choosing the treadmill. This is an important aspect because this is what would determine how long the treadmill would last. The two things you should consider while buying the treadmill to ensure that it lasts long include

  • Warranty– Choosing a treadmill with a warranty is advocated. This is because it serves as a measure of the confidence that the manufacturer has on its treadmill range. It would also prevent them from having to do multiple repairs. However, as far as the warranty is concerned, you have to consider two aspects. The number of years for which the warranty is being provided. The other aspect is the parts that are covered under warranty. Ensure that the important parts like the motor are covered and also check out if the warranty for important parts of the treadmill is at least 5 years and that of the motor is for a lifetime. These are signs of treadmills that are designed and built to last.
  • The price-¬†Quality comes with a price. A cheap treadmill is likely to have very short warranties and are likely to have parts that are not of high quality. If you find treadmills to be expensive just because of the brand name, you may get an affordable treadmill assembled by accessing high-quality parts and putting it together using the services of an expert. By doing this, you would be able to ensure that the treadmill lasts long.

Maintaining the treadmills

As far as the maintenance of the treadmill is concerned, you can do it yourself or opt for paid services annually. Though you may opt for paid services, you would have to take care of the treadmills more often than the annual service. This includes lubricating the belt as per the instruction of the manufacturers or by watching youtube videos meant for the same. When the treadmill is lubricated, most of the problems can be kept at bay.

When you buy the treadmill keeping in mind the abovementioned factors and maintain it properly, you can expect the treadmill to last from 7-12 years. The average life span is 10 years. However, there might be certain parts in the treadmill that might go wrong. This is not an indication that the treadmill is in its last legs.