Epson EcoTank ET-2720 vs ET-2750-Which One to Choose

The ET-2720 vs ET-2750 is similar printers that are manufactured by the reliable Epson brand. Even though they look similar in appearance, there are slight differences between these printers. These quality printers’ are quicker, studier and superior in design and function. They have dedicated printing machines for home and office use. This printer can be smoothly used without any inconveniences or disturbances. Also, they come with excellent picture quality and high external storage. The printing quality of this machine is precise and accurate. If you find it difficult to choose between these two printers, then here is everything you need to consider.

Consider these vital features to pick the right one 

Pick the right design. The ET-2720 printer is compact and light in weight. The printer size is 14 inches, and weight is only 13 pounds. These compact printers can be accommodated in the computer desk or any other table. Most of the EcoTank printers are bulky and huge except this compact printer. If you are looking for an Epson Ink tank printer for home use, then this is the ideal one that is smaller and lighter. Also, this printer comes in sleek and easy to use controls. The touchless display makes this printer even more appealing.

On the other hand, ET-2750 is slightly heavy in design. But, they come in the same size that is 13 to 14 inches. Even if it is light in weight, the build of the printer makes it look bulkier. Also, this printer comes with user-friendly touchless controls.

  1. Speed is the key feature. 

The ET-2720 printer can print approximately 9 black and white pages within one minute. Whereas the ET-2750 can produce two photo pages within 30 seconds. The speed of the machine is based on the purpose of use. The ET-2720 is capable of printing many black and white pages with high speed. The ET-2750 is capable of printing pictures and photos in high speed. However, for normal printing requirements, the ET-2720 is more efficient and effective.

  1. Pick a one with smart technology. 

The automatic document feeder is the smart technology found in ET-2750. Also, this printer comes handy with the duplex printing technology. The ET-2750 supports the SD card so that you can print papers without a computer or laptop. On the contrary, the ET-2720 printer does not come with the smart ADF feature. They can print only one-sided copies.

  1. Do not forget the ink system. 

It is important to consider the ink refill and usage factors in both these printers. However, many tests prove that both these printers provide satisfying outputs. If the printer reduces the refill and ink usage, then it can help to cut down a significant level of operating cost. The ET-2750 printers come with a mess-free ink system for convenient refilling. Also, when refilling ensures that you do not spill the ink to avoid wastage.


In the end, it can be said that both these printers have benefits and limitations. You can choose the best one according to your personal preference. After knowing about the above differences, you can easily make a wise purchase.