All you need to know about the scroll saw

People involved in woodwork and DIY lovers would understand the need for tools to get things done. Some of the tools used by these people are drills, hand saw, hammers, screwdrivers, etc.  All the tools are specifically designed for doing designated jobs.

One such important tool that people working with woodwork should buy and use is the scroll saw. Read on to know everything about a scroll saw.

Meaning of scroll saw.

Saw is the most important tool that woodworkers use for making various cuts. And one such saw that makes intricate cutting is the scroll saw. A scroll saw is mounted and designed to make cuts on different materials like wood and metal. The saw is made of fine blades that make neat cuts and used in finer woodworking projects.

Scroll saw is widely used in inlay, fretwork, instrument making, puzzle boxes, etc. This type of saw is also used by the woodworkers for making details on furniture and other architectural millwork.  The unique features of the scroll saw provide it with the ability to make cuts, which are not possible to do with other saws.

Features to look for when buying a scroll saw.

  1. The foremost factor you need to consider when buying a scroll saw is the speed of the tool. A scroll saw between 400 to 1600 RPM, and adjustable feature is a better option
  2. Next look for what type of blade do the scroll saw you want to purchase accepts. Scroll saws that accept both types of blades: pin – end and plain-end blades are better.
  3. The third important feature of the scroll saw is how quickly and easily you can change the blade. The model that allows you with easy changing of blades should be preferred
  4. Finally, consider the quality of the scroll saw coupled with the position of tension knob. The proper position of the knob is at the front of the saw.

Safety tips for using a scroll saw.

Using any machinery or tool without understanding it’s working or following certain safety tips is always dangerous. When using a scroll saw, follow the safety tips mentioned below to avoid accidents.

  1. The first thing that any scroll saw user must do is wear safety glasses to protect their eyes from sawdust and debris while cutting into the wood.
  2. Additionally, never forget to wear a mask to avoid breathing in the dust.
  3. The next important tip to follow when using a scroll saw is placing it securely on a flat surface in a well-lit area. Also, never try to move the scroll saw when it is on.
  4. Also, when using a scroll saw, hold the tool in place by leg and base, not arms.
  5. Finally, do not make cuts on wet wood using a scroll saw.

In conclusion:

From the article, it is clear that scroll saw is a very useful tool for people working with wood and other material. Scroll saw is an important tool that should be included in your collection for making precision cuttings. Various manufacturers make and sell scroll saw, but remember to consider the features we talked about before making a purchase.