All You Need to Know About Airless Paint Sprayers

There are several things that make an airless paint sprayer better than most of the other machines. It is not just the efficiency of the machine, but also the simple working principle.

While airless paint sprayer is, a general term used to denote every sprayer that does not use air as a medium to spray paint on ay surface. There are different types of airless paint sprayers based on how high fluid pressure is attained.

Working principle:

An airless paint sprayer comes incorporated with a hydraulic motor that is powered by a gas engine, electric motor, air motor. This hydraulic motor will compress the fluid and the high-pressure fluid is delivered as a fine spray through the tip or nozzle.

Types of airless paint sprayer: –

  1. Electric airless sprayer: – this type of airless paint sprayer is commonly used today. As the name itself suggests, this airless paint sprayer uses electric power to pressurize the fluid for painting.
  2. Gas airless sprayer: – this type of airless paint sprayer comes incorporated with a gas engine that will power the hydraulic motor, which, in turn, will pressurize the fluid for painting. When compared to other types of airless paint sprayers, gas-powered airless paint sprayers are cheap.
  3. Air-powered airless sprayer: – as the name itself suggests this type of airless paint sprayer uses an air motor that will move the sprayer’s fluid section. However, this type of airless paint sprayer comes with a major drawback. Unlike other airless paint sprayers, this type of sprayer comes with a compressor that is bulkier making this type of sprayer less portable.

Things to remember before using an airless paint sprayer: –

  • An airless paint spray functions perfectly only if you set the right fluid pressure. Remember, a suitable tip or nozzle with appropriate is the key factor in delivering the best result.
  • It is true that airless paint sprays do not waste any paint during the painting process, however, if you are careless and if you move the gun simply without keeping up the required pace, then there would be wastage.
  • Before using the machine, it is very important that it allows the machine to prime in order to remove all the air bubbles. Start filling paint and locking the gun only after you made sure that no air bubbles are produced.
  • It is very important that you pick the right nozzle or tip, of you do not pick the appropriate tip or nozzle, the efficiency of the sprayer could be jeopardized.

Once you are done using the airless paint sprayer, it is very important that you empty the hose and gun. You can do this by spraying the remaining paint into a mug or slab.

Conclusion: –

Today an airless paint sprayer has major benefits over most of the painting devices and procedures. However, these benefits can be enjoyed only if you use the machine in the right way.