WWW 2K19 Wishlists: What Fans Would be Obliged to See?

Despite the fact that WWE 2K18 lagged behind with some light areas of concern within the gameplay (including some auxiliary modes and features), this year’s wait has been put to a rest with strengthened version of the game. But when it comes to next year’s entry, it isn’t any difficult job to figure out the release with a whole lot of speculations. All thanks goes to the eighteen year-long run. Presuming some improved features of next year’s WWE 2K19, here are some of the WWE 2K19 wishlist that one may take a look at.

WWE 2k19

WWE 2K19 Wishlist

WWE 2K19 Wishlist are Right Here:

Can We have Instant Replays?

Ever since the inception of WWE 2K series, fans are in need of a legitimate instant replay suite. Truth be said, with WWE 2K18 fans can now use most impacting moments in order to create custom videos. Despite this, there’s no such traditional replay system in the game. Alongside, there’s the create-a-video feature which is still missing in the game. In spite of the excellence of the gameplay, it would be a shame for fans if they can’t take screenshots to share it via their social media platforms. The WWE 2K19 wishlist tops with a screenshot feature besides the instant replays.

Smoother Commentary

No matter how hardcore fan you are, somewhere down your heart, you are bound to lose confidence when it comes to WWE games’ commentary system. While there have been certain improvisations especially in the Royal Rumble, there is room for improvement to make WWE 2K19 even better than this year’s entry.

Women Expected in MyCareer

In MyCareer Mode, you still cannot use female Superstars, while it is hard to imagine, at the end of the day it’s the only truth. To experience the ultimate MyCareer Mode, developers need to bring ladies playable in the mode.

Longer Matchmaking and Load Times Wanted

A good amount of time can be spent in the MyCareer Mode when it comes to loading screens. While it is not an experience killer, it happens to be still mildly annoying. And during RTG, it might take you more than four minutes in order to find an opponent. Longer matchmaking can be expected as far as WWE 2K19 wishlist are concerned.

Wrap Up

We believe that there wasn’t any better time to equip ourselves with WWE 2K19 as this year’s entry has just been launched. If you have any other wishlist features of your own (we know you do), make the best use of the comment section right below. Until more news on WWE 2K19 wishlist here’s keeping fingers crossed!

Best Electric Shaver to Buy in 2017

It is almost the end of the year and you might have a lot of thing on your wish list. In addition to this, you must be aware of the fact that during this time of the year, you get a maximum number of sales and it becomes easier to purchase the desired product with a heavy discount. If you had been planning to buy an electric shaver then this article is for you as we have listed some of the best electric shavers which can be bought by you before the year ends.

So here is the list.

  1. Wahl Professional 8061

Wahl is surely one of the best brands when it comes to shavers. It is the choice of the many professionals and this specific model is quite budget friendly. In addition to this, it comes with a foil head which is perfect for sensitive skin. The shaver also has a long battery life which makes it a perfect travel companion. If you are looking for a shaver that is easy to use then you may opt for Wahl Professional 8061.

  1. Panasonic Arc 5

On number 4, we have Philips Arc 5. Philips had always been a market leader in shavers and this specific model from Philips has a total of 5 foils. The 5 foils have three different variations which enable the user to get a closer shaver every time. The shaver can be used in wet and dry mode and it can easily trim thick hair as well.

  1. Braun Series 7

Braun Series 7 is again one of the best shavers on our list. The model comes with three different trippers and as per the company, the shaver vibrates about 10,000 vibrations every minute. The head of this shaver is really flexible which enables the user to get a closer shave. The built quality of the shaver is also quite amazing and the shaver comes with a cleaning dock which takes away your pain of cleaning and sanitizing the shaver after every use.

  1. Philips Norelco Series 9000

If you are looking for rotary shaver then your search must end here as this is the best rotating head shaver available on the market. The shaver has three independent rotatory foils which offer a higher degree of flexibility. The shaver can also be used in wet and dry mode. The only issue with the Philips electric shaver is that the shaver can only be charged when it is mounted to the dock.

  1. Braun Series 9

The best shaver available on the market today is Braun Series 9. The shave comes with multiple features and it is the best machine to remove all the flat hair. As per the company, the shaver generates 40,000 cross-cutting actions every minute. This shaver also comes with a cleaning dock and in addition to this, the shaver can be used in both wet and dry mode. The only downside of this shaver is the fact that it is somewhat expensive.

These are some of the best electric shavers available in the market and you can choose them as per your budget and as per the deals available. You must check out various e-commerce sites as they also offer amazing year-end deals

Freedom for Android Devices Can Solve All Your In-App Purchase Woes

Freedom for Android

Are you a game lover and spend a certain amount of time on the phone for that? Are you annoyed with multiple ads and in-app purchase compulsion? Then we got something for you. Go ahead and install Freedom App and in no time all your game-related problems will be solved. Through this app you can turn up the in-app purchase and for that, you don’t have to pay anything and can smoothly go to the next level of your favorite games. What freedom does is that, it makes the in app purchases on your behalf with the help of a proxy. With Freedom, you can skip the annoying ads too. So there is no doubt that can be perfect for you. Here in this article, we will talk about how to download Freedom for Android.

Freedom apk

Download Freedom for Android

How to Download Freedom for Android Devices

Getting the free purchase facility with Freedom app for Android devices is just too easy. Just follow the below mentioned steps carefully and the app will get downloaded on your device in no time. Get the instruction here:

  1. The latest version is supposed to work perfectly for Android Marshmallow and Nougat. But the important thing is to have root access.
  2. First download the Freedom apk file from any reliable third party site and download it.
  3. Then once the download is completed, locate the app and install it.
  4. After the installation, it will ask for root/superuser permission, allow all permissions.
  5. Now, Freedom app will show you all the installed applications on the main page.
  6. Select the application which you want to buy in-app purchase for free.
  7. Finally, go to their app level or coins section and make as much purchase as you like!

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Final Words

Freedom is a name that has been very carefully used to offer freedom from the bondage of various game-related inconveniences.  Thus this app is just perfect to keep handy while you need to buy game levels and skip ads. But this app is not present in Google App Store for obvious reasons. Thus get the .apk files from the reliable third party site and get it installed on your Android device and after that, no one can stop you from using the game levels, and all these benefits come absolutely free. So without wasting any time and download Freedom for Android device and see the change in your gaming experiences.

This Guide will Serve You the Way to Download SnapTube for PC

SnapTube has always been a user-friendly video downloading application, ever since YouTube arrived in the entertainment world. Now that people can get hold of videos via certain applications, SnapTube serves the finest service in the world of video downloaders. Here in this guide, we aim to discuss on this particular app, and specifically the easiest method to download SnapTube for PC.

Can You Download SnapTube for PC? If yes, How?

While there are some video downloaders available for Android version, users can truly use some hacks in order to download those Android-based apps that don’t have a Windows version of the app. This also goes for SnapTube. You can easily download SnapTube for PC. And in order to so, here we have presented the easiest tweak, which is none other than a reliable and secured Android emulator. To download SnapTube for PC, we are going to use the Andy Android emulator.

Snaptube on PC

Download Snaptube on PC

How to Download SnapTube for PC?

You need to know the system requirements first off. And to do so, here’s the list.

  • Operating System (any one of the mentioned)- Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or 8, Windows 7
  • RAM of 2 GB
  • Native Storage- As per requirement (but we would recommend to go for 5 GB)
  • A fast Internet connection
  • Processor- Intel Pentium 1.6GHz CPU

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Now, follow the below mentioned steps to easily download SnapTube for PC.

Step 1: Download Andy emulator from its official website.

Step 2: Install the emulator by clicking on the installer file, which is downloaded already.

Step 3: After doing that, download SnapTube .apk file.

Step 4: In the fourth step launch the emulator on your Windows 10 device.

Step 5: Go to the ‘Downloads’ folder on PC and find the SnapTube apk file.

Step 6: Right-click on the .apk file and then, open it with Andy emulator.

Step 7: It’ll automatically start installing the video downloading app.

Step 8: After installation, find the app in the ‘All Apps’ section. Just double-click on the app and start exploring the SnapTube world.

Wrap Up

This is all that was necessary to know how to download SnapTube for PC. If you feel that our guide was very effective, then you can share it with your close folks. Wait for more guides in future, until then you may count days on that.

The Best guide for You TV Player Free Download for PC

You TV player for PC

If you are a video addict and spend a lot of time on that, then we have some good news for you. This app is just perfect to watch millions of videos. This app offers free videos and movies too, and as a result of such qualities, You TV Player is immensely popular among people. If you are one of those who has not tried it yet, then it is time to get the You TV Player Free Download. Now interestingly this app is available for PCs too. Let’s get into the details of this app and get to know how to proceed for You TV Player Free Download for PC.

you tv player for pc

Download You TV player for PC

You TV Player for PC System Requirements

These are some of the basic requirements for You TV Player Free Download for PC. Take a look if you have them all to get the app downloaded:

  • 4 GB of RAM and minimum 5GB of free space in C Drive to download Android emulator’s files and files of You TV Player .
  • Windows Vista/ XP, 7, 8/8.1, 10
  • 1 GB of Graphics Card which should come up to date.
  • Internet, with good speed.

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How to Download You TV Player

Here we have downloaded one of the easiest formulas to get You TV Player Free for PC. The process will take hardly 5 minutes! But here we must discuss one simple thing, and that is for downloading You TV Player on PC you need an Android emulator as this is an Android app and to get it on PC, the emulator is essential. There are some such emulators available like Nox app player, BlueStacks, etc., but we will use Nox app player here, as it is more perfect and convenient as per the users’ review.

  1. First, download Nox App Player from their official site and install it on your Windows PC.
  2. Then download the You TV Player APK file from any third party site. Store it in a place from where it will be easy to find.
  3. After that, pen Nox App Player, go to the Toolbox icon and go to Add APK.
  4. Next add the YouTV Player apk here, where it will then begin installing.
  5. Finally, the installation is complete; the app will be easily accessible from the home screen of the Nox App Player.

Last words

This article is dedicated to all the video and movie lovers and if the article is beneficial to you in any possible way don’t forget to share the experience with us! Till then enjoy You TV Player free download!

Get the Simple Process Here to Download MovieBox for PC without BlueStacks

MovieBox for Windows

If you love movies and acquainted with the latest apps, then you must have heard about MovieBox. This is one complete entertainment app that provides its users all the latest movies and television series which you can stream and download directly. This app is too perfect and is available for Android, iOS and even for Windows PC with the use of an Emulator. Though BlueStacks is one of the most prominent names in the field, those who have already used it and did not like it and there is a hell of technical issues with this app. Thus today we have decided to offer you the process of downloading MovieBox for PC without BlueStacks.

MovieBox for PC

Download MovieBox for PC

MovieBox for PC using YouWave

Here in this section of this article, we will talk about the process MovieBox for PC without BlueStacks. Here we are using the process of getting the app using YouWave. This is another Android emulator that has been proved to have satisfied the users, and thus it has a good record of providing seamless service. So without wasting any further just start with the process.

  1. First, download and install YouWave emulator on windows PC.
  2. Then go to directory path to put APK file: C:\Users\[user-name]\YouWave\
  3. Now get in directory path & directly put the Apk file on above seen address.
  4. After that click on YouWave emulator to see this movie app.
  5. Next find “view” option on the top bar of YouWave, under which you can see “Redraw Icons” option and click on this.
  6. Now, you can see this app icon on YouWave software.
  7. Then select “view” option in the menu bar of YouWave, then go to “Redraw Icons.”
  8. Later the emulator will show you a new panel to the left side with Movie Box icon.
  9. Just double-click on the installed file.
  10. Finally, you will be able to see this app on YouWave and now can enjoy unlimited movies and television shows.

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Last Words

MovieBox is just perfect for those who could not get time to visit the theatres for their desired movies or can get time for their favorite television shows. If you are going through the same issues, then download MovieBox for PC without BlueStacks. We hope the above-said process will help you to get Moviebox on your PC for a bigger and better experience. Help us improve sharing your experience with us through the comment box.

An Easy Process To Download Vidmate for Windows 10

Vidmate for PC

Microsoft has rolled out its Windows 10 version which is increasing its popularity and is used over a billion computers. And with that success, it is no secret that the usage of the new OS will only get double in a couple of years. The best thing about it is that it also gives allowance to certain apps that are not available in the official sources like the Google Play Store or App Store. In this guide, we will talk about one of the finest video downloader Vidmate, and the process to download Vidmate for Windows 10.

Vidmate for Windows 10: Exclusive Features Offered

  • Vidmate allows users to access a wide range of video sites starting from the popular ones Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, to sites like Dailymotion, Metacafe, Break and the list continues.
  • For music enthusiast, Vidmate offers 500,000 high-quality music contents to stream as well as download.
  • The be-all application also offers recommendations for popular TV channels such as Channel V, Sahara One, Colors V, Star Plus, Zee TV and so on.
  • For sports enthusiasts, you can now download cricket highlight for websites related to sports such as ICC Crickets, ESPN, Cric Info, Star Sports, and more.
  • Vidmate also covers a total of 200 live TV shows such as Entertainment, Music, Sports, News, Fashion, so on and so forth.
Download Vidmate for Windows 10

Download Vidmate for Windows 10

Vidmate for Windows 10: Minimum System Requirement

This below-mentioned point-wise information is recommended in order to get hold of Vidmate for Windows 10.

  • The latest Windows 10 OS
  • A fast Internet connection needed
  • RAM of 4 GB
  • Internal Storage of 5 GB in the C Drive
  • 1 GB of Graphics Card that must come up to date

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Vidmate for Windows 10: Steps You Must Follow

1# Download and install AMIDuOS Android emulator.

2# Download Vidmate .apk file from a trusted source. Store it somewhere on Windows 10 PC or laptop.

3# Open the downloaded application (usually the ‘Download’ folder). Now right click on the app. After which choose the ‘Apply to DuOS’ option. After installation, a notification will appear in the Taskbar alongside the Vidmate icon in the Android Apps menu of the emulator.

4# Select the Taskbar balloon in order to open Vidmate for Windows 10 via DuOS.

The Final Words

As per popularity, Vidmate has managed to become one of the best free video downloaders as well as streamers in the recent past especially for its wide range of music videos. PC users, if you consider yourself as a music enthusiast and want to enjoy every bit of the musical essence, then get hold of Vidmate for Windows 10.

The Best Guide to Know Everything about PlayBox HD for Android

Download playbox apk

Nowadays streaming apps are heavily demanded in this fast paced world. We get no time to sit down and binge on our favorite TV shows. But there is nothing to worry about as we have this finest streaming app, PlayBox HD, which not only keeps us connected with TV shows but also offers a wide of range movies. Here we aim to talk at length about PlayBox HD for Android.

download Playbox for Android

Download Playbox for Android

PlayBox HD for Android: Steps You Must Follow

PlayBox HD is exclusively designed for Android users. Therefore, downloading it wouldn’t be a difficult task. However, you should keep one thing in mind, and that is PlayBox HD is not available on Google Play Store. So in order to download PlayBox on your Android device, you need to get hold of the .apk file. Here’s the step by step guide that you must follow.

Step 1: First of all, you need to grant all permission so that apps other than those found in the official sources can be easily downloaded on your Android device. As we already know, PlayBox HD for Android is not available on the Google Play Store you need to get hold of the .apk version. For that, follow the simple info which is mentioned right here. On your Android smartphone visit the ‘Settings’ option >> Go further to ‘Security’ >> Select the ‘Unknown sources’ option >> Enable it.

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Step 2: Open your browser and go to a trusted source in order to download the PlayBox .apk file. After the download is completed, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: As soon as the file is downloaded, open it and then click on the Install button.

Step 4: When you go for the app, you will be directed with a pop up stating, “Once more we are sorry any inconvenience. Please update the latest app” message. Just press the Cancel button.

Step 5: Now, as per our recommendation, reboot your Android smartphone or tablet and then start using the PlayBox HD for Android. You are free to access for streaming HD movies, TV shows, and other informational videos via this wonder application.

The Final Words

In the end, we hope our guide of installing PlayBox HD for Android was effective enough to proceed with the installation method. Download the app and enjoy watching your favourite movies and TV shows.

Download SHAREit for PC Windows 7, 8.1 and 10: Get the Details of Process

Download Shareit for PC

Shareit can make your life easier with the easy transferring of the files. Gone are those days when we had to depend on Bluetooth which is slower and cannot transfer after a certain number of heavy folders. So if you want to send all of your photos and videos from the phone or tablet to your PC or vis a vis, it is easy and fast with SHAREit for PC.

SHAREit Features

  • Quick, real-time sharing between devices
  • Phone QR scanning option for quick and conveniently transfer
  • Size is irrelevant – big or small, SHAREit for Windows 10 will share it quickly
  • Share vital information between two PCs
  • Photo back up for phone-to-PC sharing
  • No cords and no storage devices to slow down the process
  • No WiFi or mobile data charges required to use
  • Option to control the Power Point presentations.
  • Gets connect to your PC to view your files and folders
  • Play content from your PC on your mobile device
Download Shareit for PC

Download Shareit for PC

Basic Requirements of SHAREit

These are the some of the needed requirements to get SHAREit on your PC.

  1. 512MB of RAM available
  2. 50MB of free space
  3. Intel Pentium IV or faster

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Download SHAREit for PC: The Process in Detail

Here are the simple steps to download Shareit on Windows. As this app is present in Google Play Store, it is hardly an issue to get it on your PC.

  • First, go to the official website shareit.lenovo.com
  • then click on the “Free Download” option at the top of the page
  • After that, click on “Download for Windows.”
  • Next, when it is downloaded, open the file in the download location and agree to the Lenovo Licensing Agreement.

But here is another way to get the app and that is through the APK files. But why will you do that. The answer is simple. The APK file consumes less space in your PC, gets updated fast, and visibility rate gets higher of course.

Last Words

The easy interface and the excellent speed of the app that stands out where there are a number of sharing apps. Now SHAREit(https://shareitfrpc.com) fulfils almost all the requirements of the users. With this app, the sharing experience has taken a new turn and we are no longer dependent on the internet. Even Blootooth service has failed in terms of speed and efficiency. So just download Shareit on PC and start sharing files, pictures, and videos as much as you want.

Download TuTuApp for Android: Steps You Need to Follow

TuTu app download for Android

Folks are now acquainted with those official sources like iTunes and Google Play Store that provide various gaming as well as entertainment app. However, many are still now not familiar with all probable apps that have been developed recently. With the introduction of all new platforms, we have been offered with apps like TuTuApp. Designed by Chinese developers, the TuTuApp has also rolled out for English version as well. Here we are going to offer you how to download TuTuApp for Android.

Download TuTuApp for Android: Why and How to Download the App on Android Devices?

With the booming of the gaming world, folks have been provided with various hacking apps. TuTuApp is one of them to offer users with hacked versions of their most favorite games. With the toolbar, it would be convenient for you to manage events, contacts, batteries, so on and so forth. Also, note that you can find additional tools in the app that will help you in order to manage and protect your smartphone more conveniently.

TuTu app download for Android

Download TuTu App for Android

Besides, users know the fact that TuTuApp is not available for free, but that certainly doesn’t mean the app is way beyond expensive. People always feel free to use apps that come with a user-friendly interface, and that’s where TuTuApp happens to be something extraordinary. It thinks for its users and hence has provided a friendly UI such that a non-tech savvy would be eager to use the app. Now let us head towards the downloading method of TuTuApp for your Android devices that have been mentioned below in step-by-step format. Keep reading on and know the best guide to download TuTuApp for Android.

STEP 1: The initial step includes users to keep in mind to visit the Settings option right before downloading the app and thereby tapping on the Security section, once you are done with the mentioned things, turn on the Unknown Sources option to enable it.

STEP 2: Now you have to head towards downloading the TutuApp Apk file and then go for installing it on the next step.

STEP 3: But before that, you need to save the downloaded file in a folder that is feasible for you and thereby you have to click on it in order to install TuTuApp.

STEP 4: Finally, you are now all set to go as the platform is now ready to use. Start exploring the app and utilize it in a better way.

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The Final Words

Hence we have provided the best guide in step by step format for you in order to download TuTuApp for Android. Hopefully, the method was convenient enough for you to carry forward with the process to install the app on Android smartphone or tablet.