Where do you place a subwoofer?

Subwoofers are great for upgrading your sound system. But the tricky part of using this effectively is where you place them in the room. In this article, you will understand why it’s important, where to place them, and some extra suggestions to get the most of a subwoofer.

Why is placing it correctly is important?

Not many people are aware of this, but your room has a direct effect on the audio system’s quality you hear. The room’s windows, furniture, and walls all give colour to the sounds. The bass frequencies are especially sensitive to these factors, and that is why correctly placing them is important.

The biggest surfaces that you need to avoid for subwoofers are parallel surfaces. They include the walls in the room. The nature of bass waves is omnidirectional, meaning they will bounce all over the room. But if they get placed near the walls, the reflected waves from the walls will collide with one another. This leads to either bass nulls or standing waves.

Some people think that the corner of the room is the ideal option that rarely works.

The scenario of standing waves depends on the size of your room and the sound wave’s length. They are nothing but the excess of bass energy. The sound lack tautness or definition. In bass nulls, dead spots occur due to reflecting waves cancelling out each other.

To get the best effects from your subwoofer, you have 2 options – either work with the room or go against it. To work with the room means you have to do placements correctly. Meanwhile working against it involves room correction software and fancy EQs. The former method is much recommended than the latter one.

The right place for a subwoofer

By now, you know that placing a subwoofer close to the wall or in a corner will give you a lot of bass effect. This doesn’t mean it will be good. Home theatre systems and soundbars come with small, low-powered subwoofers that have some boundary reinforcement. They use small drivers with low-powered amps which sounds nice, but at the end, you will get the worst bass ever.

To keep in the right place, it all boils down to your flexibility. For starters, you try to keep it in the front. Here, try to follow the ‘rule of thirds’. Measuring from the wall, place the subwoofer in a third of the room to cut the nulls and standing waves. This increases the chances of the sitting area to be a sweet spot. Or try keeping the subwoofers under a table or couch. This may work but not for satellite speakers that depend on the subwoofers for over 120 Hz. If you choose the option of placing the subwoofers inside the wall, remember that it needs professional installation and involves a huge sum of money.

Final words

To find the right place according to your room may involve a lot of moving. But the joy you get from hearing the subwoofers’ right bass will be immeasurable.

How long do treadmills last?

When you are looking for exercise equipment that is suitable for most members of your family, the treadmill will surely top the list. It is indeed interesting to walk or jog outdoors in a natural environment. But, treadmills are great for exercising when you cannot go out owing to bad weather, pandemic situation, etc. Treadmills are indeed great equipment to ensure that your exercise schedule is not affected by any weather conditions. It also helps you to exercise while watching your favourite TV shows as well. No doubt, the treadmills are expensive. But, when they are chosen and maintained properly, they can last really long, making it a worthwhile expenditure.

Choosing the right treadmill

 As mentioned earlier, you have to be careful while choosing the treadmill. This is an important aspect because this is what would determine how long the treadmill would last. The two things you should consider while buying the treadmill to ensure that it lasts long include

  • Warranty– Choosing a treadmill with a warranty is advocated. This is because it serves as a measure of the confidence that the manufacturer has on its treadmill range. It would also prevent them from having to do multiple repairs. However, as far as the warranty is concerned, you have to consider two aspects. The number of years for which the warranty is being provided. The other aspect is the parts that are covered under warranty. Ensure that the important parts like the motor are covered and also check out if the warranty for important parts of the treadmill is at least 5 years and that of the motor is for a lifetime. These are signs of treadmills that are designed and built to last.
  • The price- Quality comes with a price. A cheap treadmill is likely to have very short warranties and are likely to have parts that are not of high quality. If you find treadmills to be expensive just because of the brand name, you may get an affordable treadmill assembled by accessing high-quality parts and putting it together using the services of an expert. By doing this, you would be able to ensure that the treadmill lasts long.

Maintaining the treadmills

As far as the maintenance of the treadmill is concerned, you can do it yourself or opt for paid services annually. Though you may opt for paid services, you would have to take care of the treadmills more often than the annual service. This includes lubricating the belt as per the instruction of the manufacturers or by watching youtube videos meant for the same. When the treadmill is lubricated, most of the problems can be kept at bay.

When you buy the treadmill keeping in mind the abovementioned factors and maintain it properly, you can expect the treadmill to last from 7-12 years. The average life span is 10 years. However, there might be certain parts in the treadmill that might go wrong. This is not an indication that the treadmill is in its last legs.

Is it normal to wear a panty liner every day?

Pantyliners are amazing things for women who love maintaining their hygiene. There are so many women out there who use panty liners on a daily basis. But, it is also a matter of fact that there are still some women who are in a dilemma of whether to wear the panty liners every day or not. For the same reason, we have written this article. Women ask us the question like ‘Is it normal to wear a panty liner every day?’ if you have the same question, you have arrived at the right place. Let us find out whether it is normal to wear a panty liner every day or not. We hope that our article will prove to be helpful for you.

Is it normal to wear a panty liner every day?

The answer to this question is ‘yes’. You can wear a panty liner every day. But, there are a few things that are very important to keep in mind before starting to wear them daily. Those important things are:

  • Before you start putting on the panty liner, make sure that you wash your hands are washed well. This helps in removing the harmful bacteria from the hands which eventually prevents their transfer into the vaginal area. Do not forget to rewash your hands after putting the panty liners.
  • Always make sure that you use the unscented panty liner only. We are saying this because doing so will minimize the potential risk of vaginal inflammation or itching.
  • Make sure you never sleep while wearing your panty liner. This allows the skin to breathe during your time of sleep.
  • It is important to keep in mind that the panty liners should not be worn during the menstruation period. You can wear it before and after your menstruation ends. This is because the panty liners are thin, they cannot absorb heavy discharges such are period blood.
  • If you are someone who has a sensitive skin, then always make sure that you buy the panty liner that has cotton extract inside it. Such types of panty liners are gentle for regular usage. They do not irritate the vaginal areas like other materials.

How to avoid yeast infections: So many people face the problem of yeast infection while wearing the panty liners. But, those infections can be avoided if you avoid some mistakes. They are:

  • Always change your panty liner two times in a day, especially if you live in a hot and humid region. Try changing it after your workout session.
  • Try to keep your panty liner as dry as possible. The moisture in your panty liner has the tendency to cause a bacterial infection. And we are sure you would not want any irritation in your sensitive area.
  • As we have mentioned above, avoid buying the scented panty liners. Because the chemicals in the scented panty liners have the potential of messing up with your pH balance. It is important to maintain a good pH of your genital area. Do not mess the pH by using harmful perfumes.

How Do I Amplify My Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars produce natural tones due to wood combinations, creative design of the bridge and correctly placed bracing. However, the sound of the guitar should reach the audience in a large hall and not drown in the music of other instruments if you are playing with a band. This is where amplification comes into play. There are various kinds of pickups available for amplifying acoustic guitars. The pickup converts the acoustic sound of the guitar into an electric signal to amplify it. Many models of guitars have on-board pickups or preamp systems. But for acoustic guitars which are not equipped with on-board pickups, there are multiple choices. Factors such as removable or permanent, conspicuous or invisible, elaborate or basic and your particular style determine the kind of pickup you need.

Some of the common choices of pickups to amplify acoustic guitars have been discussed here.

Magnetic Pickups 

Magnetic pickups are non-permanent pickups because they are removable. The magnetic pickup is clamped inside the soundhole of the guitar below the strings. The cable can be allowed to hang out from the soundhole, or it can be taped to the body of the guitar. The magnetic pickup converts the energy produced by string vibrations to electrical signals, thereby producing the amplified electric acoustic tone. Magnetic pickups are suitable for guitarists who like to play at high volumes.

Magnetic pickups come in a plethora of varieties. Many magnetic pickups also have features such as equalization and volume adjustments.

Undersaddle Pickups 

Undersaddle pickups are also known as piezo-electric pickups. This type of pickup is fixed under the bridge saddle of the guitar. Undersaddle pickups are made of piezoelectric crystals which produce a voltage by picking up the vibrations of the strings of the acoustic guitar. The circuit is powered usually by a 9V battery.

Undersaddle pickup provides high feedback resistance which is very useful in concerts. It also gives good results when paired with a preamp to increase volume and EQ.

Soundboard Transducers 

Soundboard Transducers are sensors which are installed inside the guitar on the bridge plate. They sense the motion of the guitar’s top. Soundboard transducers are more susceptible to feedback as compared to magnetic and under-saddle pickups. Thus, they are suitable for low volume acoustic tones in small venues. SBTs can be paired with preamps to generate higher volumes.

SBTs can be installed using putty, double-sided tape or fabric fastener. Thus, they can be easily removed as well.

Internal Microphones 

Internal microphones are fixed inside the body of the guitar. As a result, they can pick up vibrations from a wider area of the guitar. Internal microphones provide a high-frequency range and increased midrange. The tone reproduced is also more natural. Internal microphones are sensitive to feedback, but they can be adjusted to reduce feedback. They can be paired with a preamp or other kinds of pickup.

Dual Source 

Dual Source systems are combinations of two or more different types of pickups. Dual Source system reproduces the tone of an acoustic guitar in greater detail and also allows a high level of flexibility. For example, a magnetic pickup with built-in microphone is a dual-source system.

Mopping made easy with spin mops

Innovative products that make housekeeping easy are indeed a boon to homemakers and bachelors who stay away from home for various reasons. Sweeping and mopping are two activities that are to be done regularly by the homemakers or household helpers to keep the house clean and dust and grime-free. The spin mop is one such innovative product that can make the most challenging task of mopping easy and stress-free.

What is a spin mop?

spin mop is innovative household equipment that is used for mopping. A typical ‘spin’ style mop has a microfibre mop head. It also features a

wringer that is operated with a foot pedal. This means that wringing, which is the most difficult part of the mopping process, is managed effortlessly. This also means that the cleaning of floors would be done quickly as well.

Using the spin mop

Spic and span floors is what you would be guaranteed when you use spin mops to clean your floors. Although the design of the mop is somewhat complicated when you compare it with the mops that are used traditionally, it is quite simple to use. The simple steps to use the nop are as follows:

  • Fill some water in the bucket in the spin mop. Add the cleaning solution of your choice to it.
  • Dip the mophead in the water and insert it into the wringer
  • Then you have got to press the foot pedal that would initiate the spinning motion. This would then wring the mop head.
  • You can remove the mophead from the spinner and mop the floor clean.

Benefits of using spin mops

 The benefits of using spin mops instead of traditional mops are

Ease of use- The mop head is light in weight.

  • It is easy to use. You could carry the entire unit around easily because of its light in weight.
  • Versatility and control of wetness– The spin mop made of microfibre can be used to clean all types of floors. Since the wetness of the mop head can be controlled with the help of the wringer, it can be used to clean the wooden floor and laminates as well.
  • Effective in cleaning– The microfiber mop head cleans the floor well.
  • Durability- The microfiber mop head lasts longer than the traditional mops. The wringers are also durable.
  • Saves water– Very little water is necessary to clean a large area using the spin mop when compared to the traditional method in which you have got to use a large amount of water for cleaning.

Use spin mops as it can make the process of mopping simpler than it is when you are using traditional mops. The Spin mops are ideal for use on all types of surfaces be it hard surfaces or wood or laminate surfaces.

You can effectively clean the floors and clean up spills quickly. That is why it is being used extensively even in commercial buildings where the footfall is massive, and there is a need to reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls.

Epson EcoTank ET-2720 vs ET-2750-Which One to Choose

The ET-2720 vs ET-2750 is similar printers that are manufactured by the reliable Epson brand. Even though they look similar in appearance, there are slight differences between these printers. These quality printers’ are quicker, studier and superior in design and function. They have dedicated printing machines for home and office use. This printer can be smoothly used without any inconveniences or disturbances. Also, they come with excellent picture quality and high external storage. The printing quality of this machine is precise and accurate. If you find it difficult to choose between these two printers, then here is everything you need to consider.

Consider these vital features to pick the right one 

Pick the right design. The ET-2720 printer is compact and light in weight. The printer size is 14 inches, and weight is only 13 pounds. These compact printers can be accommodated in the computer desk or any other table. Most of the EcoTank printers are bulky and huge except this compact printer. If you are looking for an Epson Ink tank printer for home use, then this is the ideal one that is smaller and lighter. Also, this printer comes in sleek and easy to use controls. The touchless display makes this printer even more appealing.

On the other hand, ET-2750 is slightly heavy in design. But, they come in the same size that is 13 to 14 inches. Even if it is light in weight, the build of the printer makes it look bulkier. Also, this printer comes with user-friendly touchless controls.

  1. Speed is the key feature. 

The ET-2720 printer can print approximately 9 black and white pages within one minute. Whereas the ET-2750 can produce two photo pages within 30 seconds. The speed of the machine is based on the purpose of use. The ET-2720 is capable of printing many black and white pages with high speed. The ET-2750 is capable of printing pictures and photos in high speed. However, for normal printing requirements, the ET-2720 is more efficient and effective.

  1. Pick a one with smart technology. 

The automatic document feeder is the smart technology found in ET-2750. Also, this printer comes handy with the duplex printing technology. The ET-2750 supports the SD card so that you can print papers without a computer or laptop. On the contrary, the ET-2720 printer does not come with the smart ADF feature. They can print only one-sided copies.

  1. Do not forget the ink system. 

It is important to consider the ink refill and usage factors in both these printers. However, many tests prove that both these printers provide satisfying outputs. If the printer reduces the refill and ink usage, then it can help to cut down a significant level of operating cost. The ET-2750 printers come with a mess-free ink system for convenient refilling. Also, when refilling ensures that you do not spill the ink to avoid wastage.


In the end, it can be said that both these printers have benefits and limitations. You can choose the best one according to your personal preference. After knowing about the above differences, you can easily make a wise purchase.

How to choose the right nebulizer for kids?

Just like any other product in the market, there is a wide variety of nebulizers available in the market. The presence of such a large range of nebulizers makes it difficult to buy the right one. The difficulty increases ten folds for the first time buyers. We would suggest our readers do a mini research on nebulizers before making any purchase.

To provide ease to our readers, we have prepared this buying guide. If you read the below information carefully, you will be able to choose the right nebulizer of your choice. Given below are some pointers that are needed to be considered while making a purchase of the nebulizer for babies and kids. Without any further delay, go ahead and read those pointers mindfully.

What are the major types of nebulizer systems?

  1. Handheld nebulizer systems: The handheld nebulizer systems grant more mobility to users during the time of treatment. This is because the system is operated while being held on the hands.
  • The handheld nebulizer system is more compatible with the power sources as compared to the AC cords (such as a battery or 12v DC adaptor).
  • The handheld nebulizers are usually lighter and smaller than the table-top nebulizer system.
  1. Table-top nebulizer systems: The table-top nebulizer systems are specifically designed for indoor usage. They can be easily placed on the still and sturdy surfaces.
  • As compared to the handheld nebulizer systems, the table-top nebulizer system is a lot less expensive. It also has a longer warranty than the handheld nebulizers.
  • The table-top nebulizer systems are considered more suitable for infants or small children who are in need of stationary usage.

Types of nebulizer systems:

  1. Ultrasonic nebulizers:
  • The ultrasonic nebulizers make the use of high-frequency vibrations and turn the medicines into the mists.
  • The ultrasonic nebulizers are silent and have the tendency to deliver the medications very quickly, which is not the case with the jet nebulizers.
  • In the ultrasonic nebulizers, the aerosol particles are usually more uniform and smaller in size.
  • The ultrasonic nebulizer systems are mostly recommended to the patients who are undergoing the treatment of cystic fibrosis.
  1. Piston-pump compressor (aerosol or jet nebulizers):
  • The jet nebulizers tend to deliver air with the help of a compressor, which is powered by the piston. This leads to the formation of a breathable mist.
  • The jet nebulizers are generally a lot less expensive as compared to the ultrasonic nebulizers but are also more effective than them.
  • The jet nebulizers are quite loud and noisy.

What are the other things to consider?

  1. Consider the design: If you are about to purchase the nebulizer for your child, then you should consider the design of the nebulizer. Always make sure you choose playful or color themes for them. This will make your kids like the nebulizer. They will find the simple nebulizers boring.
  2. Consider the compatibility: Whenever you are about to buy the nebulizer for your kid, always check out the compatibility. We are saying this because some brands manufacture nebulizer accessories to be compatible with the same brands. Do not go for such nebulizer brands. Choose the nebulizer that has accessories compatible with every brand.
  3. Consider the brand warranty: Most of the brands offer a good and long warranty to their customers. Always make sure you choose those brands only. A nebulizer is something that is going to stay with you for years and years. Therefore, brand warranty matters too much. Do not go for cheap brands, always choose good quality nebulizers.
  4. Consider the cleaning and storage of the nebulizer: A good nebulizer should be easy to clean. Cleaning is a very important phenomenon when it comes to nebulizers. This is because the nebulizers are associated with the health of the kids. Therefore, always make sure you buy the nebulizers that get cleaned easily. Apart from ease of cleaning, do not forget to consider the storage of the nebulizer. The nebulizer should be easy to store. Also, be mindful of how you store the nebulizer after every use.
  5. Consider the noise level: Always make sure you choose the nebulizer that does not makes a lot of noise. Since the nebulizers are made to offer comfort and convenience to the users, always choose the ones that do not increase headaches by creating noise. You will find so many brands that manufacture low-noise nebulizers.

Bottom line:

We would suggest our readers read the reviews and check out the rating given by the existing users. You can find them on the internet. If you are still confused, then you can ask your doctor. Your doctor will give you the best advice. The brand reputation plays a very crucial role. Therefore, always choose the nebulizer from a reputable brand. This will help you choose the best nebulizer for your baby. We hope our article proves to be helpful for you.

Which brand is best for an exhaust fan?

Exhaust fans are electrically operated devices that are a mainstay in the bathroom and kitchens. It is because they pull out humid, contaminated, bad air from a space and lets it outside. You also have exhaust fans that are considered to be an effective cooling solution. But that depends on what you mean when you say cool. Exhaust fans are known to pull humid air within the space and expel it out of the house quickly. Therefore, the temperature within the room would be about 2-3 degrees less than what it is outside. But, if you are considering something that is cool, it cannot be done without a refrigeration system, and exhaust fans do not possess one.

Choosing the exhaust fan

When you are thinking of buying an best exhaust fan in india, you need to consider certain important factors. Only then would you be able to shortlist the brands and check if the type of exhaust fan is available with a particular brand. The factors include

Size– The size of the exhaust fan must be proportional to space from which it is expected to expel the bad air. While standard sized fans that are about 12 inches is good enough for small or medium-sized spaces, a larger one has to be purchased for commercial complexes, factories, etc.

Blade material– You have exhaust fans with metal and plastic blades the blade material is closely related to the durability or longevity of the exhaust fan. Plastic blades are light in weight and easy to maintain, but, they might not score high on durability. Metal blades stand the chance of getting rusted or tarnished. They have to be cleaned regularly to prevent this.

Air delivery– This refers to the volume of stale air that an exhaust fan is capable of expelling. High-speed exhaust fans expel more air. Noiseless medium speed exhaust fans are ideal for residential use.

Energy consumption– High-speed fans usually consume more energy. Use high-speed exhausts for commercial purpose and go with the standard models in the case of residential use to save energy costs.

Sound level-The high-speed exhaust fans would generally produce a loud noise. However, there are brands that have designed exhaust fans using highly advanced and evolved exhaust fans that are half as noisy or noiseless when compared to the exhaust fans of yesteryears.

The brands

Having discussed the factors, you ought to consider let us now check some important brands that have earned repute for delivering quality exhaust fans of different types. They include

  • Luminous Vento Delux 200mm exhaust fan of high-quality plastic
  • Havells ventilair DSP 200 mm fan which is a high performer and made of quality metal
  • Usha crisp air 200mm with 5 blades of plastic and a stylish design
  • Orpat ventilation 6-inch fan with 6 blades and a uniquely robust design
  • Sameer 250mm air exhaust fan that is budget-friendly in terms of cost of the unit and energy consumption.
  • Maa ku Aluminium die-cast exhaust fan with metal blades that do not corrode easily.

Having stated the factors you should consider while choosing an exhaust fan and some of the well-known products and the types of exhaust fan they offer, it is up to you to make the right choice depending on where and for what purpose you are going to use it.

Merino Wool Socks vs Cotton Socks: Which is best?

Unlike the latest trends, socks never change in style. No one puts the effort on socks as they would do for their regular wardrobe. One of the most common mistakes people do is to disregard socks and don’t see it as a part of their outfit.

Choosing the right socks can have a huge impact on your comfort. And the first thing you should pay attention is the fabric. Not many give a thought about the type of fabric the socks made of. The 2 types of popular material are merino wool and cotton. This article will help you to know which material is the best one.

Cotton Socks

Today, almost everything from t-shirts to towels is completely made of cotton. The main reason is that they are cheap. Also, many people prefer it because it is easily available.

If you like your socks to be breathable, then cotton will do the job. They are wonderful for short walks. They are super soft and will not cause itch.

The only disadvantage of cotton socks is that they are not good for sports. Plus they can not keep you warm in winters. The material cotton does not have a good insulating property.

Merino wool socks

This material is highly comfortable and durable. The strength of the fibres in the wool is really good. They also have an elastic property, so it is highly stretchable. The material’s insulating property is extremely good when you compare it cotton.

The only downside is that is a little costly than cotton. It is not the material or the sheep-raising causes such an expense. But the wool from the sheep needs to go under a few steps like collection, processing, and cleaning which adds to the cost. This whole process requires a lot of time.

Which is the best material for socks?

Before you make a decision about the material, first identify for what purpose you need the socks. It is similar to the decision you make on what clothes to wear. The choice of your socks must be dependant on the condition of your weather. If it often gets chilly, it is good to go for merino wool socks. But if you are planning to buy socks for work, then cotton will do the job.

The second thing you must consider is the activities you plan to do while wearing them. For sports and walking, cotton is not a good option. This is because it retains sweat and can cause odour. For situations like these, merino wool socks can help because they wick the sweat away from the skin. This can prevent blisters and rashes.


Socks may seem like no big deal. But they can affect our movements. Putting on a loose pair of socks is as dangerous as wearing a small-sized one. One needs to look for socks to fit their feet. Based on what you do, select the material which suits your feet.

How to choose the best dry iron for you

For people who need quick ironing and not bothered by tough wrinkles, dry irons are the best fit. Dry irons are light in weight and inexpensive. So, anyone can afford this type of iron.

But before you buy the best dry iron in India , there are some things you need to keep in mind which are discussed below.


The most important part of the iron is its soleplate. It provides the heat to iron the clothes and remove the wrinkles. A good soleplate can smoothly slide over any fabric. In the market, there are 4 types of soleplates – ceramic, aluminium, non-stick, and stainless steel. Each material has its pros and cons, so find about it before you invest in a dry iron.

Variable settings

A simple on and off switch will not be enough for a dry iron. Certain things need variable settings like:

  • Temperature control

Not every type of fabric has the same temperature for ironing. So, look for the temperature control feature in the dry iron.

  • Cord length

For better ironing experience, it is best to go for the one which has a longer cord.

  • Swirl cord

Check whether the appliance’s cord can swirl. If it does, it is better to avoid that model.

  • Auto-off

Some models come with an automatic shut-off option where the appliance can turn off at a certain temperature. This prevents burning of clothes.


If the weight of the dry iron is heavy for you, you will tend to take long breaks after ironing. This is not the case with the lightweight dry irons. You can spend a lot of time with them. A lightweight dry iron is also capable of removing tough wrinkles from your clothes.

Size of soleplate

With a large soleplate, you can do ironing at a faster rate. This can also reduce the strain on hands.


If the wattage of the dry iron is high, then it will get hot quick. This is one of the important things you need to consider because it determines under what temperature you will use the product. It is advisable to go for the high wattage dry iron because the heats fast and iron the clothes quickly.


You cannot take a chance by compromising the quality of the dry iron. Look for the appliance’s durability because it determines whether this purchase is a one-time investment or not.


Any product that comes with a good warranty is trustworthy than the one with none. Many models come with 1-3 years of warranty. Such models are ideal for longer use.

The bottom line

A good dry iron should be budget-friendly and feature-rich. Since they are inexpensive, buying them on the first hand is a good choice. They have a simple design which is quite easy to operate. The work gets done at a quick pace, and storage of this appliance is not a hassle. That is why this type of iron is travel-friendly. So, research and choose the best dry iron for you. we have listed buying guide about home products in my site.